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  1. 3D Fist Trophy

    3D Fist Trophy

    Starting at: £5.99

    3D Fist Trophy Learn More
  2. Boxing Medal Gold

    ALL NEW Victory Medal

    Starting at: £4.50

    70mm diameter and 6mm thick, this medal makes a great low cost alternative for your club show and includes free printing on the ribbon. Learn More
  3. Award Certificate

    Award Certificate

    Starting at: £1.00

    Our high quality Award Certificates are printed using Epson Durabrite UV stable water resistant inks onto 230gsm satin or glossy finish photo card.

    Call 01245-808908 or email to discuss your requirements

    Learn More
  4. Blue & Red Glove Trophy

    Blue & Red Glove Trophy

    Starting at: £6.85

    Blue & Red Glove Trophy Learn More
  5. Boxing Cup & Figure

    Boxing Cup & Figure

    Starting at: £9.75

    Boxing Cup & Figure Learn More
  6. Boxing Glory Trophy

    Boxing Glory Trophy

    Starting at: £12.99

    Boxing Glory Trophy Learn More
  7. Classic Gi

    Classic Gi

    Starting at: £3.99

    Classic Gi Learn More
  8. Deluxe Presentation Wall Plaques

    Deluxe Presentation Wall Plaques

    Starting at: £7.00

    Mirror Gold or Silver engraving plate commercially printed and enhanced. Superb quality and great value for club shows, or end of season achievement awards. Individually named. Choose one of our standard designs or have bespoke artwork produced from your own photograph. All of our plaques are produced in house and can include club/sponsor's logo, venue details, show date and various embellishments, samples of which are shown. Available in two sizes : 9" x 7" (from £8.45) and 8" x 6" (from £7). Please email for samples or to discuss your requirements. Learn More
  9. Double Glove Boxing Trophy

    Double Glove Trophy

    Starting at: £8.99

    This chunky Double Glove Boxing Trophy is a new addition to this years online catalogue and is priced to beat the allcomers! Learn More
  10. Double Tower Karate

    Double Tower Karate

    Starting at: £14.85

    Double Tower Karate Learn More
  11. Extreme Karate Male

    Extreme Karate Male

    Starting at: £8.75

    Extreme Karate Male Learn More
  12. Fist Star Trophy

    Fist Star Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Fist Star Trophy Learn More
  13. Focus Boxing Trophy

    Focus Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.95

    Focus Boxing Trophy Learn More
  14. Forza Boxing Glove Trophy

    Forza Boxing Glove Trophy

    Starting at: £12.25

    Forza Boxing Glove Trophy Learn More
  15. Gauntlet Boxing Glove Trophy

    Gauntlet Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Gauntlet Boxing Trophy Learn More
  16. Gold Flash Boxing Trophy

    Gold Flash Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Gold Flash Boxing Trophy Learn More
  17. Hands High Boxer Gold

    Hands High Boxer Gold

    Starting at: £8.99

    PLEASE NOTE: This trophy will be supplied with a Black base, not Brown as shown...

    Learn More
  18. Hands High Boxer Silver

    Hands High Boxer Silver

    Starting at: £8.99

    Hands High Boxer Silver Learn More
  19. Hero Victory Boxing Award

    HUGE Hero Victory Boxing Award

    Starting at: £9.65

    Hero Victory Boxing Award Learn More
  20. Karate On Guard Trophy

    Karate On Guard Trophy

    Out of stock

    Karate On Guard Trophy Learn More
  21. Karate Shield Female

    Karate Shield Female

    Starting at: £7.99

    Karate Shield Female Learn More
  22. Karate Shield Male

    Karate Shield Male

    Starting at: £7.99

    Karate Shield Male Learn More
  23. Karate Star Trophy

    Karate Star Trophy

    Starting at: £7.40

    Karate Star Trophy Learn More
  24. Kicking Boxer

    Kicking Boxer

    Starting at: £11.99

    Kicking Boxer Learn More
  25. Kicking Karate Trophy

    Kicking Karate Trophy

    Starting at: £10.45

    Kicking Karate Trophy Learn More
  26. Kicking Karates

    Kicking Karates

    Starting at: £6.75

    Kicking Karate Learn More
  27. Male Boxer Award

    Male Boxer Trophy

    Starting at: £9.75

    Smaller size also available but not stocked - Please call 01245-808908 Learn More
  28. Mini Star Judo

    Mini Star Judo

    Starting at: £3.39

    Mini Star Judo Learn More
  29. Mini Star Karate

    Mini Star Karate

    Starting at: £3.39

    Mini Star Karate Learn More
  30. NEW Phantom Boxing Trophy

    NEW Phantom Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £4.99

    Limited stock offer... Learn More
  31. Novelty Boxing Skull

    Novelty Boxing Skull

    Starting at: £9.99

    Novelty Boxing Skull featuring a realistic looking headguard. Moulded Resin - approximately 5" tall. Available in 3 colours This item is not suitable for personalisation. Learn More
  32. Pinnacle Boxer Statue

    Pinnacle Boxer Statue

    Starting at: £6.99

    Pinnacle Boxer Statue (Last 50 at Special Price as of 24th Jan)

    Learn More
  33. Pinnacle Karate Trophy

    Pinnacle Karate Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Pinnacle Karate Trophy Learn More
  34. Renegade Bronze Boxing Trophy

    Renegade Bronze Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £7.99

    Out of stock

    Renegade Bronze Boxing Trophy Learn More
  35. Renegade Gun Metal Boxing Trophy

    Renegade Gun Metal Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £8.99

    Renegade Gun Metal Boxing Trophy Learn More
  36. Resin Gi Trophy

    Resin Gi Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Resin Gi Trophy Learn More
  37. RINGSIDE Boxing Trophy

    RINGSIDE Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £7.75

    RINGSIDE Boxing Trophy Learn More
  38. Samurai Trophy

    Samurai Trophy

    Out of stock

    Samurai Trophy Learn More
  39. Showcase Boxing Trophy

    SHOWCASE Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

  40. Silver & Red Boxer Trophy

    Silver & Red Boxer Trophy

    Starting at: £6.75

    Silver & Red Boxer Trophy Learn More
  41. Silver Boxer on Plinth

    Silver Boxer on Plinth

    Starting at: £5.95

    Silver Boxer on Plinth Learn More
  42. Silver Kick Karate

    Silver Kick Karate

    Starting at: £5.95

    Silver Kick Karate Learn More
  43. Silver Punch Karate

    Silver Punch Karate

    Starting at: £7.45

    Silver Punch Karate Learn More
  44. Single Tower Karate

    Single Tower Karate

    Starting at: £5.65

    Single Tower Karate Learn More
  45. Smash Karate Trophy

    Smash Karate Trophy

    Starting at: £7.99

    Smash Karate Trophy Learn More
  46. Stance Boxing Figure Trophy

    Stance Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £7.25

    Stance Boxing Trophy Learn More
  47. Star Base Karate Female

    Star Base Karate Female

    Starting at: £7.99

    Star Base Karate Female Learn More
  48. Star Base Karate Male

    Star Base Karate Male

    Starting at: £7.99

    Star Base Karate Male Learn More
  49. Star Fighter

    Star Fighter

    Starting at: £10.99

    Star Fighter Learn More
  50. Stars & Stripes Boxing Trophy

    Stars & Stripes Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

  51. Stone Karate Female

    Stone Karate Female

    Starting at: £4.55

    Stone Karate Female Learn More
  52. Triumphant Boxer Trophy

    Triumphant Boxer Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    A good size and a weighted base give this Combat Trophies exclusive the winning feel... Learn More
  53. Ultimate Boxer Trophy

    Ultimate Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £7.99

    Ultimate Boxing Trophy Learn More
  54. Ultimate Fighter Trophy

    Ultimate Fighter Trophy

    Starting at: £9.25

    Ultimate Fighter Trophy Learn More
  55. Unity Boxing Trophy

    Unity Boxing Trophy

    Starting at: £6.99

    Unity Boxing Trophy Learn More
  56. Wreath Star Trophy

    Wreath Star Trophy

    Starting at: £4.99

    Wreath Star Trophy Learn More
  57. Yin Yang Trophy

    Yin Yang Trophy

    Starting at: £3.99

    Yin Yang Trophy Learn More

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